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Featured Project


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Abington, Pennsylvania

  • Economic Development
  • Public Outreach
  • Transportation Planning
  • Land Use Planning
  • GIS Analysis

This project, funded through DVRPC’s TCDI program, consisted of conducting a land-use and transportation analysis for the establishment of a Transportation Revitalization Investment District (TRID) along Old York Road and The Fairway near the Noble rail station. The TRID will fund public improvements, encourage higher-density mixed-use development, and diversify the area’s retail mix.

Project Highlights
  • Interviewed dozens of stakeholders as part of outreach efforts to educate and promote the idea of a TRID entity.
  • Worked with SEPTA to evaluate planned improvements and determine the viability of Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) surrounding the station.
  • Developed prioritized list of public improvements required to attract development, including pedestrian and bicycle-friendly treatments to and around the transit stop, new roads, intersections, and utilities.
  • Analyzed desired land use patterns and estimated future density based on new zoning regulations.
  • Reviewed state legislation related to TRIDs and worked with Township, School Board, and Montgomery County to develop the makeup and organization of a TRID entity.